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He spread his hands out, palms up, inviting me. I could see the dark line of the blood vow across his wrist.

Just know I’m not even sorry for all the Outlander crap that’s about to appear on your dashboard. It’s mid-season finale and I’m not dealing with it.

Oliver Queen shirtless


These are a few of my favorite things…. about SOM.

Fun fact: This was improvised. The building was meant to explode and come down in one go and the crew had one take to get it right. When the explosions malfunctioned, Ledger reacted in character, and Nolan urged his crew to keep filming. By pure chance, it resulted in one of the greatest moments in the movie, and a moment that perfectly showcased Joker’s anarchic nature and Ledger’s sheer talent.

at last, my love has come along, my lonely days are over and life is like a song

Every song, we do at a different location. Under the bridge. Chinatown. Rowing boat in Central Park. Whatever happens, we record it.

We get arrested?

Keep rolling.

Begin Again (2014)

ouat meme ➜   scenes:   Hook admitting he loves Emma to Ariel/Zelena (3x17)

Pushing Daisies [view bigger]

Pushing Daisies [view bigger]